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Name Baffless means baffle less speakers

binaural head


  My name is Rytis. You can find me on LinkedIn or under nickname Baffless on or on facebook 

  Here i am on the photo on the left, testing my first build binaural head microphone. The idea was to build a tool for a crosstalk cancelation filter development. But because of a very low noise design, it became a good tool for recording sounds in nature and having some fun. 

  I am an engineer and develop things which are not available or overpriced for my personal use. Binaural head is one of them. Sometimes specs or features are not available what i need, so i develop from scratch. I started doing audio related stuff about year 2005. So have read lots of scientific papers and do my stuff based on science.  

  This page is written in such a form where i don't dig deep into details. So it is user friendly, but still requires understanding of some technical terms. But that does't mean that i don't want to help people from DIY world or professional. I have gained a lot from the internet and feel that i can give something back.

  Anyone who needs an advice or can give one, or whatever else you have on your mind write me. 

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