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Single Speaker Stereo

  • What is this all about ?

        This is a loudspeaker which plays stereo signal through a single box using 3 fullrange drivers. 

  • How does this work and what kind of sound does it give ?

       The sound is spacious and the speakers tends to disappear, the imaging is very special and very pleasant to listen to. With some recordings 3D effect is incredible.  It works with the help of room reflections by steering the signal to left, right and front. Also manipulating MID/SIDE stereo coding techniques. This speaker needs room reflections to work best. Usually opposite is true with ordinary stereo loudspeakers. 

  • What are advantages/disadvantages compared to stereo  ?

      It is single speaker so it takes less space. But direct comparison is wrong thinking. It   can't replace ordinary stereo. The same as ordinary stereo can't replace this single speaker. The sound is very different from stereo, but by no means worse, just different. Stereo speakers can be used for both audiophile listening and TV watching. This speaker should be used only for audiophile type listening preferably with no TV in the room.

single speaker stereo closeup.jpeg
  • Is it a new concept  ? Are there other alternatives ?

       The concept is old but the implementation is quite different from others. I know only one commercial alternative which is a little similar to this. These are stereolith speakers. Another is DIY implementation on here

  • Where can i listen to them?

       Vilnius, Lithuania is the location for now. But listening should be done at your place. It is never a good idea to buy a loudspeakers without testing at your place. So if you are interested you have to contact me first.

single speaker stereo concept.png

More details about this speaker

single speaker stereo concept.png

       It is an active speaker with auto power on/off for streaming purposes. It is Plug and Play device with only power cord needed. It requires love and care from you and in return it gives you joy and pleasure. It has three main modes which are selected over speakers web interface .    

    Speaker accepts Airplay, DLNA, and Roon streaming over WiFi or Ethernet connector. 

    Speaker doesn't use passive filters. Active filtering is more accurate,  and doesn't add any distortions. Also it means that driver current is directly controlled by the amplifier. And filters can be any type.

    Speaker is driven by a top quality mixed mode Baffles amp/dac board. Most of audio band is driven with current drive amplifier and low frequencies by voltage amplifier. Everything is on purpose, developed from scratch.

    Speaker is a solid piece of hardware made from oak. It weights 50kg. Surface finish is a professional grade wood oil for interior use. In my opinion oil finish gives more natural feel.

More information is in user manual 

Some more technical info is in tech corner page

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