Short user manual

Single Speaker Stereo or SSS

  1. Safety Bla Bla

  2. First turn on 

  3. Settings 

  4. Recomendations

2. First turn on

   This speaker is kind of bluetooth portable speaker just on steroids. A lot of steroids :) And for a better quality you want a WiFi  not a Bluetooth. So the speaker has to connect to your local network. 

a) Just plug power cord and switch to ON position. First startup time is ~2min. Green LED will blink on the back panel with 1s interval while starting up. After start up 2minutes Green LED will be off. 

back side closeuo.heic

b) The most reliable way is to connect ethernet cable. Plug and Play and stream music. If you are going to use WiFi then go to WiFi setting on your phone or PC.(phone is preferred way). You will see Baffless-connect in available wifi devices. Connect to it, wait a few seconds and the page will open. Choose your home WiFi network which you are using and enter password for you home network. The Baffless speaker will automatically connect to your home network, the page will close automatically and you are done. Now you can stream music.