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All in one system

  This is a tweak impossible system. So if you like constantly buying and trying different amplifiers, speakers, audio players, cables and other stuff. And you get satisfaction from that, then this system is not for you. This is the whole system and you don't need to buy anything else. The system is an Airplay receiver. So it is simple as it can be for streaming. Zero configuration. There is no easy way to add an equaliser and it is on purpose. To make good sounding system is difficult, but it is easy to make it sound worse.  You get what the mastering engineer  mixed. Thats the concept of this system. 

  The system streaming quality is good enough not to worry about. It does SOX resampling in best quality settings. Volume control is done in 32bit resolution.  In example the whole signal chain from TIDAL to system DAC has the noise floor well below -115dB.



noise floor of airplay streaming

Pic.1 Noise floor of 1kHz sine TIDAL on Macbook Air->Baffless->Output DAC

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