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EQ filter downloads

  Binaural head microphone has to be equalised before playback. So artificial head's ear canal and pinna get ignored and only the listener’s ear will be present at playback. Filters are created in reference to famous Sennheiser HD650 headphones which are among the best in terms of neutrality and linearity. They are used by many sound engineers. Their response is very close to diffuse field EQ curve.

  Also filters for head EQ with wind muffs are provided. These wind muffs not only blocks wind but inevitably attenuate high frequencies. The wind muffs’ function slightly depends on sound arrival direction but the filters provided are of good approximation and fits for all cases. It is recommended not to use wind muffs if possible. They have a slight effect on sound quality and also decrease signal to noise ratio a little.

  The provided filters are impulse responses in wav format. Ready for convolution plugin. They are packed in ZIP container.

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