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WOW factor for first time listener

  This is fun part as it applies not only for first time listener. Every time I switch on the system after prolonged non listening time I just get surprised. Of course I know very well what to expect, but even that leaves some room for surprise. It is just a pure pleasure.  The center channel vocals are so clear and decoupled from speakers completely. Looks like the front wall is playing the sound not the speakers. Low end is so articulated and modulated that you can hear nuances that you probably didn't know that they even existed in that record. When the system is high quality the listener hears kind of enhanced reality. And it is not only because of the audio system. The vast majority of records are done in artificial way. In example the recording mic of the instrument is very close or even on the instrument itself. So if you replay such sound accurately you virtually get close to that instrument. This instrument is just in front of you practically only with direct sound only. This is not the case in real life scenario. But this effect enhances listening experience in a good way even it is not really lifelike. So artificial things are not so bad, like added distortions from tube amplifier or vinyl. Sometimes it's kind of a salt added to the meat even if we are trying to avoid that. Happy listening !

loosless audio conversion
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