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  • Binaural head is printed from TPE material by using 3D printer. This is flexible rubber-like material. 

  • Sound absorption and damping properties are better than other hard plastics’ and are closer to real human head properties.

  • The flexible material makes head very impact resistant. It will not brake or crack in case of falling.

  • It is quite resistant to water in vertical position as the ear canal rises toward the microphone capsule and the water does not reach the capsule. Tested in the shower. 

binaural head in the shower
  • There is no painting involved, therefore surface scratch is not evident. The product will look presentative for years.

  • The top of the head has standard cold shoe adapter type 1/4 which allows to attach any type of gear.

  • At the bottom there is 1/4 inch female thread for attaching any type of adapter for easy tripod mounting.  

  • Green LED is on when the USB power is plugged in and the microphone is ready to record. LED is intentionally made dim for less distraction in the dark.

  • Filter for head equalisation is an absolute must. And it is provided as impulse response in WAV file

  • All internal and external no-screw connectors are gold plated. This ensures reliable and oxidation-free connection for years. 

  • Balanced XLR connectors have metal housing of Neutrik brand. Cable is 5 m long. The cable is thin in order to reduce weight and is dressed in nylon braided sleeve for hassle-free experience.

  • Sensitivity switch is very intuitive. To increase gain/sensitivity turn it clockwise, turn it counterclockwise gain/sensitivity will decrease.

  • The head has four mounting points to hang it on the tree or somewhere else. Four point mounting makes adjustments easy in any situation.

  • Wind muffs have no bow so are very compact and takes zero space in your bag. They have rubber band and hold on to an ear lobe.

  • Sound absorbing material with absorption coefficient ISO 11654 ≤ 0.45 is used on head internal surfaces where it is possible. 

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Vilnius, Lithuania